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Photo Credits


Capturing the beauty and grace, not to mention the unique personality, of the feline in motion is truly an art form. We have all been blessed to have access to masters of the trade; photographers who with unerring skill take stock of this living art form and gives us the gift of their memories, captured forever for us on film…

Our gratitude and heart felt thanks to all the artists who have so kindly given us permission to use their photographs on this archive of CFA history for the Egyptian Mau…

Jim Child – Photography by Jim Child
Phone 610 666 5258.
Located in Eagleville PA.

Helmi – Helmi Flick cat Photography

Larry Johnson – Larry Johnson Photography –

Richard Katris – Chanan Photography
Phone 951-685-2739
Located in Mira Loma CA.

Justine St Arnaud - St. Arnaud Photography

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