Egyptian Mau Distinguished Merits

Cats that consistently produce outstanding offspring are recognized by the CFA with a "Distinguished Merit" title (DM). For a female, it requires that at least 5 offspring have achieved the title of GC, GP or DM, and for a male that at least 15 offspring have achieved the title of GC, GP or DM. This title is perhaps the most sought after by serious breeders as it speaks to the consistency of a program. To date there have been six special males and 39 exceptional females to earn this title! Effective in 2020, male that have at least 10 quilifying offspring achieve the title of DM (*).


GC Brockhaven Mamnoonam, DM
GC, NW Emau's Dancin InThe Dark of Mautrix, DM
GC Emau's Kestrel, DM
GC BWR NW Emau's Like a Prayer of Emauge, DM*
GC, RW Mautrix Footloose, DM
GC, RW Mautrix Star Pilot, DM*   
GC, RW Ra's Abi's Nepra, DM
GC Sansih Twice A Brat Of Bacamamdit, DM

GC Bacamamdit's Maudonna of Item, DM
Brockhaven Philomene, DM
DD Daisy of Sharbees, DM
GC D'otz Whoopsie Daisy, DM
GC, RW Emau's Covergirl, DM
GC, RW Emau's Cirque De Soleil, DM
GC, BW, NW Emau's Diamonds R Forever of Emauge, DM
GC, BW, NW Emau's Drop-Of-Golden Sun, DM
Emau's El Shahab, DM
GC Emau's For Your Eyes Only, DM
Emau's Grand Illusion, DM
GC BWR NW Emau's I Candy of Emauge, DM
CH Emau's Jump For Joy Of Mautrix, DM
GC, BW Emau's Kyrie, DM
CH GP Emau's La Femme Nikuduh, DM
GC, BW, RW Emau's Mau Pounce for the Ounce, DM
GC Emau's Mausaic, DM
GC, BW, NW Emau's Minuet, DM
CH Emau's Moonshadow of Emauge, DM
GC Emau's Raya Of Ra's Abi, DM
CH Emau's Serene Selene of Mimesis, DM
GC, BW, NW Emau's Touch The Sun, DM
GC Emau's Uptown Girl, DM
Emau's Vogue, DM
CH Freckles Spotted Smokin of Raceykat, DM
GC Makamae Maus Makani of Mautrix, DM
Matiki's In Dot Purrsuit, DM
Matiki's Isis Right, DM
CH Matiki's Mia Cheetah of Emau, DM
GC, RW Mautrix Aurora Borealis, DM
GC, RW Mautrix Fairylights, DM
GC Mautrix Fireworks, DM
GC, RW Mautrix Flight-of-Fancy, DM
GC Mautrix Light Up the Sky, DM
CH Pasha Khepri of Emau, DM
Sangpur Alaska Diamond, DM
GC, AC Schooiertjes Kara of Ra's Abi, DM
CH Sharbees Cofee Minuet, DM
GC Sharbees Mauria Tu Of Ramah, DM
Sharbees Rust In Peace Of Matiki, DM
CH Temek's Ka of Kathaus, DM
GC Vaernam Nienna of Maujik, DM

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