Code of Ethics


Statement of Ethics

1. PURPOSE. I shall place emphasis on good health, stable temperament, and intelligence, as well as appearance, in the breeding of Egyptian Maus. I shall breed with discrimination, and only when there is strong evidence of the probability of finding suitable homes for the kittens.

2. BREEDING. I shall strive to use for breeding only healthy cats, free from disease. I shall strive to eliminate hereditary deformities or conditions that are detrimental to the health of the cat or the breed as a whole. I shall strive to use in my breeding program cats that will improve the overall quality and type of the Egyptian Mau Breed. I shall keep accurate records of all matings and pedigrees, and register all breeding stock and litters.

To insure the health and well being of the cats and the breed, I will adhere to the following recommendations:

· Females will not normally be bred until at least one year old, unless there have been two heat cycles or medical indications that breeding is appropriate or necessary at an earlier age.

· Females will not be bred unless they are in good breeding condition.

· Stud service will only be offered to owners or lessors of pedigreed Egyptian Maus with papers for breeding.

· Agreement will be reached before breeding on options to be taken should the female have further complications with re-absorbing kittens or failure to conceive.

· Further breeding will not occur if there is difficulty in placing kittens in suitable homes.

3. HEALTH. I agree to maintain a good standard of health and care for cats, including adequate room for exercise, regular grooming, clean quarters, and adequate food and water. Kittens will not be sold prior to receiving their first basic vaccinations, and not before the age of 12 weeks, with 14-16 weeks the preferred age at sales. Whenever possible, Egyptian Maus should be kept indoors. Where caging is unavoidable, the caging should meet or exceed CFA standards.

4. SALES AND CAT PLACEMENT. I shall consider the health and welfare of the cat in selecting suitable homes, and will provide information and guidance to the buyer in selection and proper care of the cat. To that end, I will strive to uphold the following recommendations:

· Kittens will not be sold prior to receiving their first basic vaccinations, and will receive immunizations appropriate to age prior to sale. They will not be sold before the age of 12 weeks, preferably at age 14-16 weeks. Kittens and cats should be free of external and internal parasites (worms, fleas, ear mites, fungus).

· Breeders will ascertain that all buyers know how to care for a cat or kitten properly, and should supply written instructions on care, feeding, and accommodations with each animal sold or placed. Breeders should make themselves available to give advice.

· Breeders will provide to the buyer an honest appraisal of a kitten's potential as a pet, breeder, or show cat.

· Breeders will provide pedigrees and registration forms for all breeding and show kittens and cats. If a breeder does not want to provide registration or pedigree papers for a pet kitten, the buyer must be informed of that fact before purchase.

· Breeders will provide each buyer of a breeding or show kitten a written guarantee stating the seller's responsibility should the kitten prove to be sterile or develop a genetic defect that prevents breeding or showing. The course of action to be taken is a matter for each breeder to specify in her/his guarantee.

· Breeders will not sell cats for breeding until the seller ascertains that the buyer is fully aware of all of the ramifications of breeding, such as expenses, time involved in care, necessary facilities, and good placement of kittens, and responsibilities to buyers and other breeders.

· Kittens sold as pets will normally be altered prior to placement. Where this is not possible, although a pedigree may be provided, the registration forms should be withheld until the breeder receives a veterinarian's certification of altering.

· G.E.M.S. members will not knowingly conduct business with or recommend breeders who sell cats to wholesalers or retailers, and will not buy or sell in litter lots.

· Breeders will use advertising, both oral or written, that is factual, avoiding wording that may encourage breeding as an easy money scheme.

 5. SPORTSMANSHIP. I shall conduct myself always in a manner that reflects credit upon the Egyptian Mau breed and myself, especially when attending shows as an exhibitor or a spectator. I shall abide by the various cat association rules and customs. I shall be a good loser and a gracious winner, remembering that having happy, healthy cats is much more important than winning ribbons.

6. AGREEMENTS. I shall encourage and support the conducting of transactions in writing to insure understanding, fairness, and accurate record keeping. This includes stud service agreements, buyer's requirements, breeder's guarantees for kittens, leasing of cats, deposits for kittens and the like. I will issue payment by check and issue receipts for payments received as part of maintaining a record of transactions.

7. SHIPMENT. I agree to, whenever possible, have kittens personally delivered or picked up by new owners to avoid shipping, which can be a frightening experience for any animal. If shipping is required, I will arrange it directly with the airline, preferably counter to counter and specifying exact routing and arrival time. I will ship kittens only after they are fully weaned, eating independently, and able to withstand separation from their littermates.

8. ENFORCEMENT. Upon sufficient proof of violations of the Code of Ethics, action shall proceed according to the G.E.M.S Constitution and By-laws.

9. AMENDMENT. This Code of Ethics may be amended using the procedure set forth for amendment of the G.E.M.S. Constitution.


I, the undersigned, have read and agree to uphold the Statement of Ethics and the Constitution of the Global Egyptian Mau Society. I realize that my rights and privileges as a member of G.E.M.S. may be revoked if I do not abide by my word.



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