Precious Stones - G.E.M.S Show April 2010


2010 G.E.M.S.' Allbreed Show held in conjunction with Sign of the Cat- Easton, PA April 24, 2010

Judges (in order from left to right):

John Colilla- Allbreed
Bob Molino- Allbreed
Darrell Newkirk- Allbreed
Sharon Roy- Allbreed
Barbara Sumner- Allbreed
Donna Jean Thompson- Allbreed
Ken Currle- Specialty
Bob Goltzer- Specialty
Hope Gonano- Longhair Specialty
Melanie Morgan- Shorthair Specialty
Marsha Ammons- Longhair Specialty
Russell Webb- Shorthair Specialty


This year GEMS collaborated with Sign of the Cat Fanciers in Easton, PA. In addition to the wonderful new venue, vednors, gate, and fabulous cats, we were lucky enough to spend to with close friends and celebrate the year's accomplishments in this end-of-season extravaganza! We had seven kittens, eleven adults including four lovely grands, and six cats in premiership competing, for a grand total of twenty-four Egyptian Maus, representing 13 different catteries!


Mau breeders/fanciers attending:
Jill Archibald
Carol Babel
Karen Bishop
Linda Buzonas
Reggi Carron
Laurie Coughlan
Kathryn Dunham
Renee Ferguson
Tim Fowler
John Frieman
Peppi Hills
Kelly Johnsen
Rebekka Lokke
Caroline Melia
Susan Melia
Whitney Nickel
Eric Selvidge
Sherri Skinner
Pat Summers
Bob Walton
Linda Walton
Bob Weller

Egyptian Mau results

A very speial congratulations to our Highest Scoring Egyptian Maus in show!


Best Egyptian Mau in Championship: GC, RW Mautrix Merlin, silver male bred and owned by Laurie Coughlan


Best Egyptian Mau Kitten: Amaure Desiderious of Emauge, silver female - bred by Sherri and Alan Skinner-Whitney Nickel and owned by Tim Fowler and Pat Summers


Best Egyptian Mau in Premiership: CH GP RW Ra's Abi's Kanika, smoke spay - bred and owned by Carol Babel and Bob Weller


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