Egyptian Mau Best of Breed 2020




Best of Breed

GC BWR NW Maujik's Closing Belle of Karmau

4263.85 points
Silver female


Breeder: Shiela Osborne
Owner: Katheryn Dunham/Shiela Osborne

2nd Best of Breed

GC RW Maujik's Theodosia of Ajatarah

2298.5 points
Silver female


Breeders : Shiela Osborne
Owners: Whitney Nickel/Shiela Osborne

3rd Best of Breed

GC NW Mautrix Shoot the Breeze

1897.55 points
Silver female


Breeder/Owner: Laurie Coughlan





Best of Breed

GC BWR NW Emauge A Star is Born 

3277.10 points
Silver female


Breeder: Tim Fowler/Pat Summers
Owner: Tim Fowler/Pat Summers/Mia Asplund

2nd Best of Breed

GC NW Mautrix Polar Wind

2850.05 points
Silver female


Breeder/Owner : Laurie Coughlan  

3rd Best of Breed

GC RW Chirpy Cats Bubblicious

1139.85 points
Smoke female


Breeder: Jennie Batten-Sheila Osborne
Owner:Jennie Batten




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