Egyptian Mau Grand Champions 1990/1991


GC Atumkhepri's Shahada

Silver female


DOB 12/27/89
Granded 11/24/90

Breeder/Owner: Gayle Burks

GC Kaakhamit's Henna of Phiset

Bronze Female


DOB 11/20/89
Granded 8/18/90



GC (BW) Matiki's Ride Em Mauboy

Silver male


DOB 3/13/90
Granded 11/24/90

Breeder/Owner: Jan and Bonnie Wydro

First One Show Grand

GC Pazlo's Friend O' Mr Cairo

Silver male


DOB 3/20/90
Granded 1/12/91

Breeder/Owner: Perry Long and Bruno Pazienza


GC Sangpur Batman of Joyfulpal

Smoke male


DOB 1/25/90
Granded 12/22/90

Breeder: Jean and Shirley Charbonneau
Owner: Yoshiko Moriya

GC Zaynzalbar Good Golly Miss Molly

Smoke female


DOB 4/28/90
Granded 4/13/91

Breeder: Drs Susan Little and Dr E Javinsky
Owner: Yoshiko Moriya


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