Egyptian Mau Grand Champions 1993/1994


GC Bacamamdit Dakota of Dearada

Silver male


DOB 6/8/93
Granded 3/26/94

Breeder: Linda Buzonas
Owner: Matt - Ada Demler


GC Bacamamdit's Eenie Meenie Minie Mau

Silver female


DOB 6/26/92
Granded 5/1/93

Breeder/Owner: Linda Buzonas


GP Dasibe's Mister Hoover

Bronze male


DOB 4/11/92
Granded 3/26/94

Breeder/Owner: Linda Mae Baker

GC Dolagon's Super Spot Chisato Chan

Bronze female


DOB 12/31/91
Granded 4/16/94

Breeder: Tohru Aizawa
Owner: Midori Shimada


GC Hajja I'm Spotted In a Crowd

Silver male


DOB 8/15/92
Granded 12/18/93

Breeder/Owner: Jill Archibald

GC RW Kikori Good Golly Miss Molly

Silver female


DOB 8/28/92

Granded 6/12/93

Breeder/Owner: Richard-Kathy Kopp


GP Kikori Spotted Fever

Silver female


DOB 3/19/92
Granded 10/16/93

Breeder: Richard and Kathy Kopp
Owner: James Comer

GC Matiki's Better Maustrap

Silver male


DOB 5/24/92
Granded 7/10/93

Breeder/Owner: Jan and Bonie Wydro


GC Matiki's Lucy Fur

Silver female


DOB 6/7/93
Granded 3/5/94

Breeder/Owner: Jan and Bonnie Wydro

GC GP Matiki's Sheik Al-legg II

Silver neuter


DOB 12-24-91
Granded 12/12/92 & 11/6/93

Breeder/Owner: Jan and Bonnie Wydro


GC Matiki's Slick Spot

Silver male


DOB 12/12/92
Granded 1/8/94

GC Maume's Penn Dot

Bronze female


DOB 1/12/92
Granded 2/5/94

Breeder/Owner: Michael and Vicki Michaels


GC RW Sangpur Mauhautmau Of Joyfulpal

Silver male


DOB 2/2/93
Granded 10/30/93



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