Egyptian Mau Grand Champions 1992/1993


GC GP Bacamamdit Isyouis or Isyouaint

Bronze neuter


DOB 7/28/91
Granded 7/4/92 & 10/3/92

Breeder/Owner: Linda Buzonas

GC BW NW Bacamamdit Richochet of Pazlo

Silver male


DOB 6/26/92
Granded 3/13/93

Breeder: Linda Buzonas
Owner: Bruno Pazienza and Perry Long


GC Joyfulpal's Seti I of Proceed

Silver male


DOB 1/20/92
Granded 12/5/92

Breeder: Yoshiko Moriya
Owner: Minoru Maeda

GC Junglebook Sekmet of Skarabeios

Silver female


DOB 3/1/91
Granded 11/14/92

Breeder: Leslie Hall
Owner: Richard Davis


GC Kikori Freckles

Silver female


DOB 4/10/91
Granded 10/10/92

Breeder/Owner: Richard and Kathy Kopp

GC BW NW Maipet's Shanadu of Kayzie

Silver female


DOB 2/5/92
Granded 10/24/92

Breeder: Doris - John Morgan
Owner: Kaye Chambers

First National Winner as both Kitten and in Championship


GC Matiki's Can't Stop Smokin Of Hajja

Smoke female

Sire: GC Hajja I'm Spotted in a Crowd

Breeder: Jan and Bonnie Wydro
Owner: Jill Archibald

GC Matiki's Sheik Al-legg II

Silver neuter


DOB 12/24/91
Granded 12/12/92 11/6/93

Breeder/Owner: Jan and Bonnie Wydro


GC Muhibbi Spotme In The Dark of Pazlo

Smoke male


DOB 6/12/91
Granded 5/9/92

Breeder: John Gubert
Owner: Bruno Pazienza/Perry Long

CH GP Oubastis' Hetephras

Silver spay


DOB 3/13/91
Granded 12/19/92

Breeder/Owner: Jessie Brown


GC Phiset Ed McMau of Brockhaven

Silver male


DOB 6/10/92
Granded 4/24/93

Breeder: Mary Vail
Owner: Guerdon and Dorothea Brocksom



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