Egyptian Mau Grand Champions 1996/1997


GC GP RW Bacamamdit Phantom of Raceykat

Smoke neuter


DOB 4/10/96
Granded 1/25/97

Sire: Sansih Kentucky Rain of Bacamamdit
Dam: Bacamamdit Sassy Lassy

Breeder: Shearon Lowery and Linda Buzonas
Owner: Bruce and Sue Johnson


GC Emau's Mausaic, DM

Silver female


DOB 2/1/96
Granded 12/20/96

Breeder/Owner: David and Melanie Morgan


GP Grandtrill Tintagel Truffle

Silver neuter


DOB 1/29/95
Granded 8/24/96

Breeder: Len Davidson / R and L Noll
Owner: Brian and Catherine Rock

GP RW Hajja I’m Not Brown

Silver neuter


DOB 7/16/95
Granded 5/11/96

Breeder/Owner: Jill Archibald


GP J’s Iris One Mau Time of I-Tem

Silver neuter


DOB 1/23/96
Granded 3/22/97

Breeder: Judith Mendelsohn and B Richot
Owner: Ila Migut

GC BW RW Joyfulpal’s Dui

Silver male


DOB 2/12/96
Granded 11/9/96

Breeder/Owner: Yoshiko Moriya


GC RW Joyfulpal’s Modern Jazz Quartet

Silver male


DOB 7/30/95
Granded 5/18/96

Breeder/Owner: Yoshiko Moriya

GP Kikori Mau’ilyn Monroe

Silver female


DOB 6/5/95
Granded 9/14/96

Breeder/Owner: Kathy and Richard Kopp


GC Maipet’s Nefret of Shainefer

Bronze female


DOB 8/13/95
Granded 9/21/96

Breeder: Doris Morgan and Jackson Brockette
Owner: Karla Hensley and Doris Morgan

GP Matiki’s Horus Of New Kingdom

Bronze neuter

0844-1072947 DOB 3/29/96 G 3/22/97

Breeder: Jan and Bonnie Wydro
Owner: Melissa Bateson


GC RW Matiki’s Son-Of-The South

Bronze male


DOB 1/25/96
Granded 10/12/96

Breeder/Owner: Jan and Bonnie Wydro

GC RW Mullodies Serengeti Walk

Silver female


DOB 1/25/96
Granded 10/12/96

Breeder/Owner: Gary Penny Mull


GP RW Shainefer’s Niles

Bronze neuter


DOB 10/8/95
Granded 9/7/96

Breeder: Karla Hensely and Mary Vail
Owner: Karla Hensley and Yvonne Parks

GP Sharbees Go Fur The Gold of Matiki

Bronze neuter


DOB 8/29/95
Granded 3/1/97

Breeder: Sharon Partington
Owner: Jan and Bonnie Wydro/S Partington


GC Summermagic Destiny

Silver male


DOB 9/13/94
Granded 12/7/96

Breeder/Owner: Barbara Gibbs

GC Triangle Asperet Mau of Tavaron

Silver male

DOB 3/22/95
Granded 6/1/96

Breeder: Barbara Naame
Owner: Rebecca Bergeron


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